Corporate Responsibility : EHS & S Policy


Chemtura Corporation Environmental, Health, Safety and Security Policy

CHEMTURA CORPORATION is committed to the safety and health of the public, our employees, contractors and customers, and to protecting the environment now and for future generations. This is a core value of Chemtura. In addition, we are committed to meeting applicable laws, regulations, permit requirements and internal standards throughout the world. Our goal is zero incidents and zero harm to the environment, which we aspire to achieve through the commitment and involvement of our employees. To meet these goals, Chemtura will:


  • Conduct business ethically and in accordance with the Guiding Principles of Responsible Care®.
  • Implement the Chemtura Responsible Care Management System®, which integrates environmental, health, safety and security considerations into daily business practices.
  • Improve the design and safety of our processes, and minimize generated wastes through the implementation of pollution prevention and sustainability strategies.
  • Ensure all products and intermediates are properly registered, comply with applicable regulatory requirements, and may be safely used for their intended purposes.
  • Enhance the security of our employees and facilities, our information systems and our raw materials and finished products throughout the value chain.
  • Provide our employees and other stakeholders with appropriate information necessary for their understanding of the environmental, health and safety aspects of our operations and products, our safety, health and environmental performance, and the contribution our products make to the quality of life.
  • Seek partnerships with contractors and third-party providers who share our commitment to achieve the goal of zero incidents and zero harm to the environment.
  • Provide employees, contractors and visitors with the skills, knowledge and tools that will enable safe, incident-free work.
  • Actively seek continuous improvement opportunities and implement sufficient standards and resources to achieve these goals.

Craig Rogerson
Chairman, President & CEO

January 1, 2015