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Great Lakes Solutions is the flame retardants, brominated performance products and fumigants business of Chemtura – providing materials and services for use in electronics, electrical, building and construction, fine chemicals, agriculture, power generation, transportation, water treatment, oil refining and more. 

Great Lakes Solutions is dedicated to providing bromine and phosphorus flame retardants and brominated performance products that are the most innovative and reliable and also minimize the impact on our environment and human health.  For close to a century, we have helped our customers to meet their current and future performance, safety and compliance requirements by refining and redefining our portfolio with new and improved products that maximize sustainability needs with a broad portfolio of products and solutions. 

The business is committed to providing strong performance and to ensuring  the safety of its employees, customers and their customers, as well as meeting industry and environmental sustainability standards and goals. The areas of performance, safety and sustainability permeate the organization and are closely related to make Great Lakes Solutions the business it is today.

Sustainable, Versatile, Polymeric Flame Retardants

Our new Emerald Innovation® series is the result of our dedication to providing products that are innovative and reliable and also minimize the impact on our environment and human health without sacrificing performance or quality.  The “Emerald Innovation” name is symbolic of premium quality. 

Emerald Innovation NH-1 is a halogen-free flame retardant specifically designed for use in flexible polyurethane foams for applications in interior automotive and furniture foams. The product offers a host of benefits to foam manufacturers.  It is a cost-effective replacement for chlorinated phosphate esters, particularly TDCP and has low emissions and fogging in slabstock foams and excellent aging properties.

Brominated Performance Products

We offer a wide variety of performance products for a number  of applications including fine chemicals, power generation, transportation, oil refining, water treatment and more.

GeoBrom® - mercury removal for a cleaner, greener future

The world requires clean and sustainable energy that meets the needs of the present without compromising future generations.

Although new technologies such as wind and solar electric power generation are coming on board all around the world, coal-fired electric power generation will remain a significant source of electricity for many years to come.  Great Lakes Solutions and our line of GeoBrom bromine and bromine derivative products are part of  clean coal technology, which helps to efficiently remove mercury emissions from coal-fired boilers and power plant installations.

GeoBrom products are part of Great Lakes Solutions’ commitment to our “Greener is Better” program, focusing on adding value to the power industry and contributing to energy sustainability, environmental stewardship, and clean, reliable, cost-effective power for the consumer.

Product Stewardship

Product Stewardship is the shared responsibility to understand, manage and communicate the potential impacts of the chemicals we manufacture and distribute, throughout their lifecycle.  As part of our product stewardship commitment, during product development and commercialization we apply the Green Chemistry and Green Engineering  Principles as we seek to reduce the environmental and human health impacts at each of the lifecycle stages.  We then work with our distribution and customers to maximize the safe and environmentally responsible handling of our products. 

For example:

To help protect applicators and reduce environmental releases, we have implemented an extensive “best-in-class” training program to ensure our fumigants products are handled and used safely.  Our Meth-O-Gas® Applicator Education Program was developed in cooperation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and with input from leading professional applicators.

We work with our flame retardant customers to help them reduce the environmental emissions of our products through our championing of and participation in the Voluntary Emissions Control Action Program (VECAP™).  VECAP has been recognized by government agencies, trade groups, OEMs, environmental groups and the users of our products as a simple yet effective means to understand, control and address facility emissions.  

We continually strive to improve our own, our partners’ and our customers’ capabilities to handle bromine safely.  Through our own efforts and in cooperation with industry associates within an organization called Bromaid, we continually seek to raise the bar on the safe distribution and handling of bromine.  Improving shipping container design and testing, education of customers, transporters and first responders are just a few ways we help make sure that our  products make it safely to our customers.

We are a voice for producers and users of flame retardants through our participation in various industry partnerships to ensure that the best available scientific information is developed and used when regulatory or political decision makers and other stakeholders are evaluating our products.  Our flame retardants help save lives by reducing the frequency and spread of fires, giving people time to respond and escape.  At the same time, we recognize that fire safety and environmental stewardship are fully compatible.  Less frequent and smaller fires mean less pollution and helps conserve our natural resources.  Great Lakes Solutions continues to recognize the important life saving and environmental benefits inherent in our products as we strive to develop new  products that are even more sustainable than today’s. 

These  are just a few of many examples of leading edge product stewardship initiatives within Great Lakes Solutions.  We strive to continually improve our product stewardship capabilities and invite additional ideas from our customers and other product stakeholder to further improve our products and performance. and Environ. Sci. Technol., 2003, 37 (5), pp 94A–101A DOI: 10.1021/es032373g Publication Date (Web): March 1, 2003