About Chemtura : Objectives & Principles



Chemtura’s Objective:

Our Objective is to grow a global portfolio of leading specialty chemical businesses, committed to innovation and the creation of value for our stakeholders.  This means executing business-specific strategies, investing for profitable growth, leveraging regional centers of excellence for shared services, and strengthening our current businesses for optimum value creation.

Chemtura’s Principles:

Chemtura’s basic Principles are a condition of doing business.  We must operate safely and in a manner that seeks to protect the environment; and we must practice ethical conduct of the highest caliber.  On these Principles there can be no compromise. 

Safety and Environmental Stewardship: Ensuring the safety and health of the public, our employees, contractors and customers and protecting the environment is of paramount importance.

Ethical Conduct: To successfully compete and grow, we need to adhere to the principles that underlie our Code of Business Conduct.