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Chemtura Organometallics core competency is the production and safe handling of selected reactive organometallic products.  The combination of 50 years of operation and innovative development excellence with our global supply chain capabilities are the basis for a sustainable customer oriented business model.

Chemtura Organometallics is a global partner for manufacturing, marketing and development of specialty organometallic products used in polymer production, synthesis of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals, in processes for production of semiconductor devices and photovoltaic modules, in glass coating and automotive anticorrosion coatings.

Among exciting recent developments are the formation of a joint venture with UP Chemical Co. Ltd. of South Korea for the production and sale of high-purity metal organic precursors for the rapidly growing LED market – the future of energy-efficient commercial and domestic lighting. The Organometallics business also recently expanded production capacity for custom-made, high-purity diethylzinc to satisfy growing demand in thin-film photovoltaic applications – part of the growing global market for clean solar energy.

Chemtura’s Organometallics business has the following market focus areas:

Polymerization Catalyst Components – Essential part of the catalyst system used as activator to accelerate the reaction which produces a polymer.

Ziegler-Natta (“Z/N”) – Established and continuously optimized and steadily growing technology used in polymerization and oligomerization of alkenes resulting in polyolefin products of high performance with a broad variety of applications. Includes products like triethylaluminum (TEA) and ethylaluminum sesquichloride (EASC).

Single Site Catalysts (“SSC”) – Are used in this modern polymerization technology to produce polymers with special properties such as engineered plastics, car parts, specialty food packaging and high performance pipes. Includes Metallocenes and Methylaluminoxane (MAO).

Organic Synthesis – Our Products are used as reagents in the production of pharmaceuticals and other fine chemicals to conduct complex chemical reactions. Generally used to make active ingredients or key building blocks for pharmaceuticals. Includes metal alkyls like DEZ , DIBAH, TMA and a variety of organotin compounds.

Photovoltaics / Electronics – Products mostly related to solar cells and specialty semiconductors. Metal alkyls are used as a source to produce a high purity metal oxide coating. Includes dithylzinc (DEZ) and trimethylaluminum (TMA)

Organotin Coating Products – Chemtura is a leading provider of a wide range of solid and liquid Organometallic compounds, sold under the trade name AXION™. AXION compounds are used in various applications including esterification, transesterification, curing and cross-linking in coatings, glass coating and organic synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates.

Organotin Intermediates – Chemtura offers a range of intermediates used in the manufacture of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals as well as in the manufacture of other chemical products used in a spectrum of industrial synthetic applications.