Corporate Responsibility : Product Stewardship



Chemtura Corporation is committed to making Product Stewardship Summaries for its products publicly available globally.

Various governments and the chemical industry are working together to harmonize regulations and product stewardship efforts to further the safe production, use, and disposal of chemical products globally.  The United Nations’ Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) is driving international progress toward goals for the safe management of chemicals.  In large part to meet these goals, the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) launched the Global Product Strategy (GPS). 

GPS was designed to advance the industry’s product stewardship performance, measure that performance, and improve communication and transparency about potential chemical hazards, risks, and appropriate safe handling along the value chain.  It aims to develop tools to address public concerns regarding chemicals in commerce. 

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) adopted the ICCA’s GPS to work with the Responsible Care® initiative in the improvement of product stewardship throughout the supply chain.  As an active ACC member, Chemtura participates in the GPS in conjunction with its Responsible Care Management Systems® to improve the management of chemical products, provide safety summaries in easily understood language, and strengthen product stewardship worldwide.

The intent of these Product Stewardship Summaries is to give to the general public a high-level overview of information about Chemtura products and chemicals.  They are not intended to and do not provide  complete information regarding all health and safety information for a chemical and they do not replace required regulatory communication documents such as the (Material) Safety Data Sheet and product labels, which provide further product and chemical information and should also be consulted.

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