Corporate Responsibility : Responsible Care®


Committed to Safety, Health, Security & Environmental Stewardship

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Our Commitment

Chemtura is committed to Responsible Care®, the U.S. chemical industry's voluntary initiative to safeguard the health and safety of employees and customers, the environment and communities where we operate, and the safety and security of our operations. Through Responsible Care, we pledge to be stewards of our products, from manufacturing and handling to the safe transport and use. This commitment is clearly stated in our Corporate EHSS Policy , which was re-issued on January 1, 2015.

Responsible Care®, established in 1985, has had a tremendous impact on all member companies by creating expectations and systems – as conditions of membership – which have resulted in:

  • decreased air, water and waste emissions
  • improvements in workplace and community safety, and
  • expanded programs to research and test chemicals for potential downstream health and environmental impacts.

Responsible Care regularly strengthens and updates these commitments, and has greatly enhanced the public credibility of the U.S. chemical industry.

The Chemtura Responsible Care Management System (RCMS) includes nearly 100 corporate policies and procedures, many of which are based on best practices from leading chemical and manufacturing companies. These, along with our absolute commitment to compliance, help differentiate Chemtura from our peer companies and competitors. In fact, we’re proud that our corporate RCMS systems and each U.S. manufacturing location has been externally registered to the internationally recognized RC14001 standard.


Community Member

As a Responsible Care company, we are community members and local stakeholders. In nearly all of our global locations, we partner with Community Advisory Groups and Panels to regularly meet and communicate with our neighbors about operational programs and crisis management. We respond to concerns about our facilities and work with local emergency responders to further improve community safety and health conditions.


Reporting Our Progress

The Responsible Care Management System establishes a set of uniform industry-wide metrics to measure individual company performance, as well as industry-wide performance. The measures enable member companies to identify areas for improvement and provide a means for the public to track individual company and industry performance in an accessible and transparent manner. Chemtura is committed to sharing information about our recent EHSS performance and future goals. Our vision is to be the world’s best specialty chemicals company, and our commitment to Responsible Care is one aspect to attain that goal.

® Responsible Care is a registered service mark of the U.S. American Chemistry Council.