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Chemtura's Urethanes business is a world leader in hot-cast prepolymers and a leading manufacturer of specialty aqueous urethane dispersions and polyester polyols.

The business is characterized by a strong customer focus, exceptional product and applications development capability, and outstanding technical service.  Our customer relationships, combined with our broad product range and technical capabilities, allow us to create value-added solutions for demanding urethane applications around the world. Customers bring us their most complex processing and application challenges, and we work with them to develop winning solutions.

We offer more than 300 Adiprene®/Vibrathane® hot-cast urethane prepolymer products. The product range includes a wide variety of wear and abrasion resistant cast elastomers that are recognized worldwide for their toughness, load-bearing capacity, and cut and tear resistance. These products give strength and durability to mining, oil, gas and paper industry equipment and electrical components.  Our prepolymers, curatives and systems are used in industrial and printing rolls, mining and oil and gas machinery and equipment, mechanical goods, solid industrial tires and wheels, electronic devices and processing equipment, and a variety of recreation and consumer goods.

In addition to the physical properties which characterize the performance of the materials, the Urethanes business places strong focus on the sustainability of its products. To this end, many newer technologies have been developed with significant environmental, health, and safety benefits. Chemtura Urethanes is a lead innovator in the development of the low-free isocyanate technology – incorporating these in systems that deliver unparalleled performance and safety benefits to the market. The Duracast® system is one notable mention.  It combines the best of our low-free pre-polymer, with the MOCA free benefits of our Duracure curative technology. Another sustainable development is in grades of Vibrathane®/Vibracure Quasi Systems where mercury has been replaced with environmentally-friendly alternatives.