Corporate Responsibility : Sustainability

At Chemtura, “sustainability” is not just a buzz word. Thinking in more than environmental terms, we view sustainability as embodying a greater spirit of corporate responsibility.

Sustainability means managing our business in such a way as to ensure its long-term success. By being prudent and conscientious stewards of the company, Chemtura creates a strong institution that delivers sustainable results and tangible value to our customers and investors.

Sustainability also means constantly scrutinizing the way we operate our facilities. From the use of energy-efficient lighting and recycling programs to the installation of industrial pollution controls and waste water treatment equipment, our aim is to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment of the communities in which we operate.

Finally, sustainability means assigning ample resources towards the development and marketing of “green” products. From petroleum additives that extend mileage to brominated products which remove mercury from the emissions of coal-fired power plants and more, pursuing environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional technologies is both sound business and the right thing to do.

Chemtura believes that through prudent management, we can harness the talent and dedication of our employees to make Chemtura Corporation a force for improving the sustainability of our planet. We have come a long way on our journey and, as we look ahead, we see endless possibilities for a better future through chemistry.

We are currently in the process of updating and re-issuing our corporate sustainability report to include both short and long-range improvement targets. The updated report is expected to be available in early 2016.