About Chemtura

Chemtura – the future through chemistry

Chemtura Corp. is a global specialty chemicals company listed on the New York Stock Exchange and Euronext Paris (CHMT), with leading positions in diversified markets.  We build the chemistry that makes other products more durable, safer, cleaner and more efficient.  Major industries served include transportation, energy & electronics, and agriculture.

With global headquarters in Philadelphia, Penn., USA, we manufacture products in 11 countries and sell products in over 100 countries.  We have approximately 3,500 employees in research, manufacturing, sales and administrative facilities in every major market of the world, with regional headquarters and shared service centers in São Paulo, Brazil; Shanghai, China; Middlebury, Connecticut, USA; and Manchester, United Kingdom/Frauenfeld, Switzerland.

We are committed to global sustainability and engineering chemical solutions that meet our customers’ evolving needs. 

Among our businesses, we are:

  • A leading niche developer and manufacturer of seed treatments, fungicides, miticides, insecticides, growth regulants and herbicides (Chemtura AgroSolutions)
  • One of the three largest developers and manufacturers of bromine and bromine-based products (Great Lakes Solutions)
  • One of the three largest developers and manufacturers of organometallic compounds, that have applications in catalysts, surface treatment and pharmaceuticals (Organometallic Specialties)
  • A global manufacturer and marketer of high-performance additive components, building blocks for synthetic lubricant base-stocks (Industrial Performance Products)
  • A world leader in high-performing calcium sulfonate specialty greases and phosphate and polyol ester-based fluids (Industrial Performance Products)
  • A global leader in the development and manufacture of hot cast elastomers (Industrial Performance Products)      

The hallmarks of our businesses include differentiation through technology, investing in sustainable technologies and applications, increased exposure to higher-growth regions, an expanded global footprint and infrastructure, greater customer focus and intimacy, and stewardship of our products and their use.