Careers : Be Aware of Scams


Be aware of scams involving phony job postings.

LANXESS Corporation has learned of instances where unauthorized individuals are using LANXESS Corporation’s name and logo to solicit potential job seekers for employment and asking for personal identification information. At times, the unauthorized individuals are also sending fraudulent communications to employment applicants using the names of our corporate leadership. The suspicious actions are using a Web domain address of “”, which is not a domain name controlled or authorized by LANXESS Corporation.

Please note that LANXESS Corporation does not require any purchase or payment to submit a resume or apply for a job. Additionally, LANXESS Corporation does not offer any positions of employment without a personal interview directly with LANXESS employees. LANXESS Corporation job openings may be accessed through Our Website and selecting the “Careers” option. Any Internet job posting that does not link to the job postings “Careers” page on LANXESS is not a legitimate job posting for a LANXESS Corporation job opening and may be fraudulent.

If you suspect fraud, please save any suspicious e-mails as ".msg" files. Please e-mail us at and tell us about the communications you received, and include the suspicious e-mails as attachments. This will preserve important information that may help us identify the source of the potential fraud.