Careers : Hiring Process Overview

Submitting Your Resume/CV

Applying for a job LANXESS is simple:

  • Begin by searching (need to link to monster) for a job.  Check out LANXESS Careers for a job that fits your skill set.
  • Complete your online application and upload or enter your resume/CV.
  • Click the Submit button to complete the submission process.

Our Hiring Process

Step 1: Resume/CV Submission
Once we receive your resume/CV, a Human Resources representative will review your qualifications against our open positions.  Your resume/CV will remain in our database for potential matches. We encourage you to return regularly to keep your profile up to date and submit a resume/CV to new positions that may interest you.

Step 2: Resume/CV Review
Those involved in the hiring process review resumes/CVs to identify the candidates whose skills, education and experience meet the requirements of the open position.

Step 3: Candidate Interviews
Candidates’ next steps may include a phone screen or interview to further evaluate their knowledge, skills and abilities as they relate to an open position. 

Step 4: Selection Decision
If you are not selected for a particular position, please continue to monitor LANXESS Careers for other jobs that may become available.  We welcome your application for future opportunities.