NAFTA Certificates

To search for a NAFTA Certificate, you will need to enter the product trade name and year required.

To do a product search, you do not need to type in the entire product name.  You can type in any character(s) or number(s) of the trade name without any wildcards(*), ex. ad for Adiprene or  200 for Hatcol 200, this will list all products that contain those characters or numbers and will list everything with ad or 200 as part of the product name.

If a NAFTA Certificate is not available for a particular product, you will be linked to the “Ineligible NAFTA Products”.  

If a product is not listed on the Web site or ineligible list, there will be a link on whom to contact.

Product: Year:

For 2018, all LANXESS Solutions NAFTA and other Free Trade Agreement requests should be sent to Shaila Guiliani at