Careers : Our Culture

A culture of accountability….

We are responsible for our own destiny. At LANXESS, employees take ownership of their work and know how they contribute to winning.  Whether you are running a plant in Arkansas or analyzing financial statements in Shanghai, your daily activities align with the targeted company results, and your contribution is critical to the success of the organization.

A culture of safety…

Promoting a safe environment is one of our main principles. We recognize employees for their corrective actions and positive safety choices while at work and we believe in an incident-free workplace. We provide the tools to train and educate our employees on safety in order to successfully maintain their and their co-workers' wellbeing. At LANXESS, all employees actively lead the journey of living incident-free.  We are not just expected, but empowered to challenge each other on safe work practices.  Every employee at LANXESS is committed to continually improving our working conditions and our impact on the environment.

A culture of growth & development…..

At LANXESS, we will be the strongest company in the markets we serve.   We will invest in innovation, execute to our customers’ needs, and empower our employees.  This is the fuel that will accelerate our company into the future of specialty chemicals. We work to better understand our customers’ current and future requirements.  We encourage our employees to think differently, to remain flexible and open minded. LANXESS is committed to being more nimble than our competitors and maintaining a strong foundation in customer focus.

A culture of valuing people...

LANXESS strength lies in the talent and commitment of its employees, and their ability to work together across the globe.  Central to our success is value and respect.   We value each other’s diverse backgrounds and experiences which shape our ideas and contributions, and we respect the different cultures and styles that make up our global company.

We stand by what we say….

We work in an environment where all employees understand the value of their contribution and take accountability for the part that they play in the global success of LANXESS. 
We take accountability for saying what we are going to do and for delivering on that.  We call this living up to our commitments.

Right from the top and cascaded throughout LANXESS, our commitments are aligned to drive improved performance; they are forward looking and support our businesses, functions and individuals to succeed. 

Our approach to aligned and meaningful commitments and our robust measurement of results brings consistency and understanding about what we are required to do and how we each contribute to the success of our company.